Lauren Alaina rocked the set of 'Good Morning America' earlier today. The talented teen and 'American Idol' runner up performed her newest single, the upbeat, country cute 'Georgia Peaches,' which is a "rawker" of a song that should wake up 'GMA' viewers faster than a shot of espresso or a cup of strong, black coffee!

Alaina looked fabulous, wearing a pretty purple wrap dress accessorized with brown leather boots, a brown leather belt and gold jewelry. Whoever is styling her lately surely knows what works for the singer. With her hair off to the side and shimmery makeup, Alaina gave off a happy and excited vibe, and why shouldn't she be? Her debut album 'Wildflower' is out today and people love her!

After rocking her way through 'Georgia Peaches,' Alaina then closed out her morning performance with a heartstring-tugging rendition of her beautiful, mom-celebrating ballad 'Like My Mother Does.' We love how she was able to cycle through two very different moods and sounds on breakfast TV! That's a testament to Lauren Alaina and her infinite, boundless talent.

We want to point out that we've noticed Alaina's confidence is growing by leaps and bounds as she masters the promotional circuit and live TV performances. She is an veteran and a seasoned pro at this point.

Watch Lauren Alaina Perform 'Georgia Peaches'

Watch Lauren Alaina Perform 'Like My Mother Does'