At 16, Lauren Alaina is still growing and changing like all of the other teenagers her age -- despite being a focus of the entertainment media since coming in second place on 'American Idol.' In a new interview with Yahoo!, Alaina admitted that she's been trying to lose weight since first appearing on television a few months ago.

"I've been working out a lot, and I've lost quite a bit of weight since the show's over," Alaina said. In order to meet her goal, the Georgia native has been working with a personal trainer and is eating off of a daily food delivery diet. "You get a delivery of food in the morning and it's in a bad and you just eat what's in the bag. It's really good food, I'm really surprised," she admitted. "I have had some things that are not personally what I would choose to eat, but it’s like trial and error."

Alaina insists that her motivation to lose weight was a decision that she made on her own -- not a result of online or tabloid comments. "I don't really read the stuff online, but I know that people probably say stuff about me 'cause I can see," the 'Like My Mother Does' hitmaker revealed.

She added, "I worked on it throughout the show. If you look at my first audition to where I ended, I look like a different person. You know, I just try to better myself all the time, and I feel like I need to be healthy -- that's my main goal, to be healthy. If I can look better at the same time, that's great."

We think Lauren Alaina looks fantastic -- and has since day one!

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