Happy birthday to 'Glee' starlet Lea Michele! The staff here at PopCrush is celebrating the actress/singer's 26th birthday today, Aug. 29, with an ode to her fashion choices... which differ greatly from the costumes her 'Glee' character Rachel Berry is often seen sporting.

Berry's overachieving, total perfectionist attitude is reflected in her uber-preppy style -- although she has matured a bit over the seasons and sometimes looks cute, Berry tends to dress a bit "off," wearing dog sweaters, knee socks, collared shirts paired with cardigans, and weird ponchos on 'Glee.' On the contrary, Michele is quite the sexy fashionista in real life, rocking everything from body-bearing little black dresses to high-fashion couture gowns on the red carpet.

Check out these side-by-side pictures of Rachel Berry and Lea Michele and get a taste of just how different the actress is from her TV character!