Leona Lewis offered a behind-the-scenes look at her recently released video for 'Collide.' The video has a beachy vibe, capturing everything that a summer afternoon embodies -- and guess what? The bonus footage maintains that same energy.

In this footage, you catch a glimpse of the cameras, the fire starters and the crew, who are wearing headsets and carrying clipboards while they work on the logistics and production of the video. The extra footage feels like an extension of the actual video -- only we see the crew, the cameramen and the prop people in the middle of the action that takes place in the official video. It's not much different, it's just a bird's eye view.

There's no interview footage or insight provided by Lewis herself, either. So you'll either love it or you won't. But rather than boast an interview with Leona, like so many of these fly-on-the-wall pieces often do, this particular one uses the footage to make its points. Leona does intro the footage in her adorable British accent in the very beginning and that's all we hear from her.

Ultimately, a tourism board in a beach town should use some of this footage to try and lure travelers to their sandy white beaches, since Lewis and her people make beach life look so good. Either they are all terrific actors or they had a great time making this video. Then again, it's the beach. How could it not be fun?

Watch the Behind-the-Scenes Footage From Leona Lewis 'Collide' Video