Those One Direction boys really have each other's backs. Liam Payne (who recently shaved his head), is worried about his bro and bandmate Zayn Malik. Payne fears for Malik since the latter is having a hard time dealing with online criticism that has come along with the boys' stratospheric rise to fame.

The Sun (quotes via The Toronto Sun) reports that while Payne says the band loves its fame, fans and the massive attention its received in the past two years, Malik is the one having most problems with adjusting to and coping with life in the spotlight.

"We've had such a good laugh together and achieved so much together. We're definitely like brothers," Payne said of the fivesome's bond. "The only person I really worry about is Zayn, because I don't think he's quite accustomed to all of this. He had a terrible time on Twitter... I don't think he's quite adjusted to it yet. I'm sure he'll get it. He's my best mate. I've got to look out for him."

Remember, Malik deleted his Twitter account over the summer – only to return to the next day -- when rumors that he was cheating on his girlfriend spiraled out of control due to web crawlers talking all kinds o' trash.

Not to sound insensitive, Zayn, because we love you, but we live in a digital world where online chatter and keyboard ninjas are a fact of life. If you give them power, then they will bother you. If you ignore them and refuse to empower them, you take away their strength. That's just our two cents.

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