It's a new look for Liam!

Liam Payne of One Direction has shaved his head. He's sporting an uber-short, close-cropped look. Before all you Directioners or media outlets start speculating that he is newly shorn as a reaction to his recent breakup with girlfriend Danielle Peazer, his bandmante and buddy Niall Horan shared that he shaved his head for charity.

Niall's tweet read: "Liam's new hair. Calm down, he shaved it for charity..."

Exactly which charity is not known, but we'd be apt to think that he cut his hair for a cancer-related charity, since hair loss is associated with chemotherapy and cancer. Also, through the years, lots of famous people, like country singer Kellie Pickler or football player Brett Favre, have shaved their heads in a public show of solidarity and support for someone they know battling cancer.

So, big ups to Liam for shaving his head for a good cause.

He looks so young, doesn't he? We're used to his thick, stylishly messy hair!

Now, we have to ask. Directioners, what do you think of Liam's newer, shorter hair? Do you like it? Do you wish he'd grow it back ? Or is this the coif to keep?

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