It looks like Louis Tomlinson isn't the only 1D boy who is already lining up his post-One Direction gig. Aside from fine-tuning his budding DJ and production craft, it seems that One Direction singer Liam Payne is also flexing his skills as a songwriter for other artists, penning a track alongside co-writer (and fellow One Direction hit-maker) Jamie Scott for an Irish boy band called HomeTown.

The guitar driven track, called "The Night We Met," is currently only available for streaming and pre-order in Irish territories, but you can listen to a preview of the heartfelt, big-chorus driven jam on iTunes to get a sense of the lovelorn lyrics:

"I know when your heart's aching / It’s like you’re in glass breaking / And I just wanna look at you / The way I did on the night we met... / I wanna kiss your lips like I did back then / So take me back to the night we met... / I wanna mend your heart if it's not too late / I'm gonna say the things that I couldn't say / And if I die tomorrow with nothing left / The best thing I ever had was the night we met"

If you just can't wait to hear it, a streaming rip of the full track is available to listen to here. "The Night We Met" is slated to be the third single off the Irish band's upcoming new album, which is due out on November 20.

Do you think Liam has a hit on his hands?

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