Being a gangsta ain't easy. Just ask electropop-rock act Lights Over Paris. In the group's video for 'I'm Not a Gangsta,' they pull out the big guns by recruiting rapper Game for an assist.

The video celebrates parties and the nightlife, and stars a pigtail-sporting bad girl gone badder. Dressed in a schoolgirl uniform, she punches guys in the face and kicks a whole lot of butt when she's not taking swigs from a bottle and stalking L.O.P.'s singer, Robb University. We won't go as far as labeling her a heroine, but she certainly takes no s--- in the space of four minutes.

The action takes place in a smoky but well-lit bar that appears to be a watering hole located somewhere in Europe. There's plenty of action taking place throughout, like lots of hooking up, partying, drinking, jumping around and graffiti -- all signifying a youth's eventful night out on the town and in the clubs. There's even a huge choreographed fight scene and what looks like a cameo from the Asian guy in 'The Hangover' (we could swear that it is him).

Game shows up for his cameo, driving a pimped-out car. While it's odd to see and hear the rapper in a video for a pop-rock song, the clip is pure fun as we get to watch a dirty young girl kick a whole world of a-- and run the world, Beyonce-style.

Even though the guys from L.O.P. sing about how they aren't 'gangstas,' they definitely gain some street cred for hanging with Game and a girl as bada-- as the video's leading lady.

Watch the Lights Over Paris 'I'm Not a Gangsta' Video Feat. Game