It's been a long time since Lil' Kim released any new material. Besides her outstanding guest feature on Monica's summer hit 'Anything (To Find You),' we were expecting big things from the Queen Bee. Alas, after listening to her new song 'Spend a Mill,' we are in shock that she would let loose this abysmal track to radio.

The song, which debuted last week on DJ Absolut's Hot 97 radio program, reveals that Kim might be out of touch with what's going on in hip-hop right now. On the synth-driven track, Kimmy spits boring rhymes on how a man can gain her affection with his wealth. "You say you love me / Well boy you must prove it / Chris Brown, Maybach, six deuces / You know I love stones / Nah, I don't mean zodiac / Diamonds are a girl's best friend / Where my homies at?" she warbles with the use of Auto-Tune.

It's hard to fathom that the once empowering Lil' Kim is now making boring club songs like this and flaunting herself as the ultimate gold digger. If she wants to compete with Nicki Minaj she has to release better music than this.

Spend a mill? We don't want to spend any more time listening to this not-so-great song.

Listen to Lil Kim, 'Spend a Mill'