R&B songbird Monica's new single 'Anything (To Find You),' is one of our favorite songs of the summer. As we have stated in our song review, it's a great R&B/hip-hop ballad featuring the Notorious B.I.G.-inspired rhymes of Rick Ross and Lil Kim.

Everything was going well until the song hit radio and the Queen Bee's 8-bar verse was unceremoniously scrapped from the final version. Apparently, Violetta Wallace, who runs Biggie's estate, didn't approve the 'Who Shot Ya?' sample with Kim on it. “The clearance was revoked & I’m fighting to get it reinstated by the Biggie Estate,” Monica told her Twitter fans.

Well, it looks as if Lil Kim was tired of waiting to be reinstated because she allegedly leaked the extended version of the Missy Elliott-produced song. Not only that, she booted Ricky Rozay's vocals from the track and added her full original 16 bars. Way to go, Kimmy!

Lil Kim is still sharp as ever she spits a few lyrical stingers. In one line, the Queen Bee cleverly slips in Biggie and 2Pac song references in her verse: "I ain't felt 'Hypnotized' since B.I.G. left / Now I'm Public Enemy / Johnny Deep / 'Me Against the World' is my mindset / I've been riding like Bonnie haven't found my Clyde yet."

Kim later name checks our President and the First Lady, Prince William and Kate Middleton and possibly her new man-crush, Ace Hood, as she raps, "The day I find my knight in shinin' armor / We gonna run the world like Michelle and Obama / It would be a royal weddin' like Prince and Kate / But we'll keep it 'hood like Ace."

Clearly to us, Lil Kim belongs on the 'Anything (To Find You)' song. Ms. Wallace needs to stop holding on to her bitter grudge against Kim and put her verses back on the track. Props to Lil Kim for not taking Ms. Wallace's diss lying down and liberating what we have deemed as one of the best songs of the summer season.

Listen to Monica, 'Anything (To Find You)' [Extended Rap]