Monica's new single 'Anything (To Find You)' is one of our favorite tracks of the summer here at PopCrush. So we can't begin to tell you how disappointed we were to found out that Lil Kim was booted off the song with no explanation. And, apparently, so were you.

The Missy Elliott-produced song, which recently debut at No. 71 on the latest Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart, features a guest appearance by Rick Ross but there is no verse by the Queen Bee? WTF? According to Billboard, a rep for Monica's label J Records said that the rap diva was cut form the official release due to contractual issues.

Monica turned to her Twitter page to express her disappointment that Lil Kim was not on the song. "I am just finding out what has happened to my single and myself & Missy are beyond hurt that @LilKim was removed," she tweeted. "She’s our friend, a legend & @LilKim will get the respect she deserves at all cost."

The R&B diva explained that Notorious B.I.G.'s mother Voletta Wallace (pictured, far right), who controls the late rapper's estate, did not approved the "Who Shot Ya?" sample with Kim on it. "The clearance was revoked & I’m fighting to get it reinstated by the Biggie Estate," Monica says. "We respect all parties involved & were gonna do WHATEVER to keep the song as is because @lilKim the bizness on the record. If we put it out we get SUED."

Monica also responded to irate fans, stating, "Your directing your anger in the wrong place & I am far 2deep in the game 2play games. These r facts. Still fighting 4 Kim to be on it."

Yes! Monica! Fight the power!

PopCrush demands that Kimmy be reinstated and her full 24 bars -- not 8 -- are put back on the song. Shame on you, Ms. Wallace; stop the hate and let Lil Kim be great!

Listen To Monica, 'Anything (To Find You)' Feat. Rick Ross and Lil Kim