Another day, another lawsuit.

Rap superstar Lil Wayne has been slapped with a $15 million copyright-infringement lawsuit over the chart-topping single 'BedRock,' which is from the 'We Are Young Money' compilation album.

According to AllHipHop, production company Done Deal Enterprises are accusing Weezy, Young Money Records and Cash Money Records of allegedly stealing their version of 'BedRock,' which they say is copyrighted, and using it for their 2010 hit song of the same name.

'BedRock' features Young Money artists Drake, Nicki Minaj, Gudda Gudda, Tyga, Jae Milz and R&B crooner Lloyd. The Kane Beatz-produced single sold 3 million copies, while the album moved 500,000 units in the United States.

Lil Wayne and his attorney have been ordered to appear in court on Oct. 12.

Unfortunately, there's a long line of suitors waiting to get paid from Weezy. This is the third multimillion dollar legal case against the rapper this year. Wayne already faces a $20 million lawsuit from producer Deezle who claims he hasn't been paid for work he did on 'Tha Carter III.' Another producer named David Kirkwood is also suing Wayne for $1.5 million in royalities owed from his work on 'Tha Carter III,' as well.

If these lawsuits keep piling up, Weezy might have to change his label name from Young Money to "No Money."