Lil Wayne teams up with Rick Ross to talk about the impact his death would have on the world on 'John (If I Die Today),' the latest song to be released from Wayne's highly anticipated new album 'Tha Carter IV.'

Over a bass line seemingly made to destroy speakers -- alongside ominous stop-start keyboards and a radio broadcast warning of a possible outer-space invasion -- Wayne and Ross take turns talking about the things that they own, how they could use them in the battle, and how they want to be remembered if they are defeated.

At least, that's what we think most of this is about. Let's face it, crystal-clear narratives are not Weezy's stock in trade. What is certain is that he expects his death to be marked as a world-wide holiday, with a send-off worthy of a Beatle: "Load up the choppers like it’s December 31 / Roll up and cock it and hit them where it hurts / Cause if I die today, remember me like John Lennon / Buried in Louie I’m talking all brown linen huh"

'The Carter IV' is currently scheduled for release on May 16, but Lil Wayne is known for moving up the release dates of his albums, so stay tuned to PopCrush in case that happens again.  You can also look for him lending a helping hand to Limp Bizkit on their upcoming new song 'Ready to Go.'

Listen to Lil' Wayne, 'John (If I Die Today)' Feat. Rick Ross