It must be raining lawsuits over there at Young Money headquarters. Rapper Lil Wayne and the production team Drummer Boyz are being sued for breach of contract by a Los Angeles rapper named Rich Rick who claims he was robbed out of a beat that was used on Weezy's current hit song, 'How to Love.'

According to the suit, obtained by TMZ, Rick bought several tracks from the Drummer Boyz between 2006 and 2009 including the beat that they allegedly turned around and sold to Wayne in November 2010. Of course, 'How to Love' is a chart-topping smash and now Rick is looking for some cash. He is seeking monetary damages including royalites the production crew received from the song under their agreement with Weezy, as well as 10 percent interest. Whoa!

This new lawsuit adds to Lil Wayne's long list of pending court cases and mostly all of them have to deal with producers claiming that the Young Money leader owes them money. Among the litigants: Production company Done Deal Enterprises is suing Weezy for $15 million for copyright infringement, producer Deezle has a $20 million lawsuit against Wayne, and producer David Kirkwood is seeking $1.5 million in royalties owed.

Whew! At this point, Lil Wayne should relocate his Young Money offices next door to a courthouse.