In a sign of the cultural apocalypse (okay, not really) Paris Hilton chats with rapper Lil Wayne for Interview magazine's April issue, and it turns out the famous-for-being-rich-and-famous celebutante and the New Orleans-reared rapper aren't quite so different.

It was a getting-to-know you session where Hilton demonstrated deftness with her questions -- with exception to her "What's your sign?" and "Do you have pets" queries. Turns out Paris wasn't intimidated by the superstar that is Weezy, either, and it's easy to see why. Both love and have made music, enjoy clubbing, are under scrutiny of the public eye, and most poignantly, have done time and suffered through solitary confinement during their jail stints.

The interview was conducted via phone and moderated by contributing music editor Dimitri Ehrlich. Wayne states that the first time he met Hilton, she was DJing at a party. He admitted he liked her stating, "I like people that enjoy life, 'cause I do the same."

Hilton probed Weezy -- who counseled risk (aka suicidal) inmates while incarcerated on a criminal weapons charge last year -- about a number of subjects.

On being called the "new King of Hip-Hop": "It's very exciting. I love pressure, so I guess if that brings forth pressure, then I'm up for it. But, you know, titles are titles, and names are names. As long as people remember me forever, that will be enough for me."

On reading his own press: "Um, never. I don't think I've ever googled myself. [laughs] But I do read some things that . . . I mean, if I know that I was with an interviewer and I kind of figure that he or she got something bad or something good from the interview, then I'll read the piece when it comes out. But other than that, I'd have to have a reason to read it-and, usually, I don't have a reason. So, no, I don't really read too much, because I know you know that they word things the way they want to word them when they put it on paper."

On "being dead":
"The most bizarre thing I've ever read about myself is that I was dead. That was kind of weird to read that I'm dead-mostly because I was reading it."

On mentoring Drake: "And the main thing I've told him, or taught him, for lack of better words, is just to stay humble and remember who you are throughout it all, because there's gonna be moments in every single day when you'll have to go back to that person and reflect on that person. You have to self-reflect. If you forget who you actually are, then what's the use of even looking in the mirror."

Additionally, Weezy discussed being a father to four kids, his favorite clubs in Miami, his rock album 'Rebirth' and, taxes! He opened up about being sent to solitary confinement after being busted with an iPod in jail, which is one of only a small few times he spoke of his imprisonment during this moderated chat.

Lil Wayne's 'Tha Carter IV' is out May 16.