Mixers, if you feel any sort of way about the Little Mix girls and their tattoos (and, like, how could you not) then you're about to be overwhelmed with emotion. The band's very own Jesy Nelson just unveiled the latest addition to her collection of permanent body ink today (Feb. 12), which you can check in the photo posted above.

She posted the image to Instagram with the caption "Once upon a time," which is what the tattoo actually says. It's a good thing she wrote the phrasing out, because the reverse-image nature of the front facing camera totally threw us for a loop at first. Jesy's new tattoo fits perfectly onto the back of her right arm, juxtaposed against those huge, green flowers she's had for a while now.

We're not sure what the inspiration is behind the tattoo, exactly, because we don't have her on speed dial but it seems pretty fitting anyway. Being in a super successful girl band that travels the world? Being in that group with a bunch of girls you now consider your best friends? Having totally killer hair extensions, unreal makeup and great fashion sense? Sounds like a fairy tale come to life -- which is exactly where the phrase "Once upon a time" comes from, so it's definitely fitting.

What do you guys think of Jesy's new tattoo? Is it everything you've ever wanted? How do you feel about the font? The placement? Let us know!

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