Lady Gaga was gifted a 757 jet by Live Nation. It was likely just a loaner to get her from A to B in luxury, and to express their appreciation at working with her, but who cares? She had her own darn jet for at least a night, complete with her name embroidered on the towels/head rests on the seats. While it was may not have been good for the environment, it was good for Gaga and her ego! She works hard for her money!

She shared internal and external photos of the jet and the catering on her Facebook page, and even shared a photo of herself, in red, white and blue sequins, with statement, bold eyebrows.

She posted: "Thanks for believing in Born This Way. Thank you Live Nation and monsters. hope u feel like I'm sharing this w u."

Well, yeah, she was sharing the photos with us, but she wasn't exactly sharing the experience with us. Now maybe if we had a seat on the plane, a bite of the eats that were being served and a backstage pass to Born This Way Ball tour, we might feel totally included but realize that's not exactly realistic. We get it. We can dream though, right?

What do you think PoPCrushers? Is a jet excessive? Or does Gaga deserve it for all of her hard work?


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