While we can't imagine how difficult it was for X Factor contestant Joe Irvine to be called unoriginal and disgusting for wearing a suit and slicking his hair back, getting a box of cupcakes and a hand-written note from indie songstress Lorde might ease the blow just a little.

In case you have no idea what we're talking about, we'll catch you up. Natalia Kills and her husband, Willy Moon, were fired from New Zealand's The X Factor following their totally bizarre, borderline cruel remarks directed toward contestant Joe Irvine. According to the couple, wearing a suit and having hair was invented by Moon, and the two ripped into Joe for his lack of "originality." The show's host, meanwhile -- who was also sporting a similar look -- somehow managed to avoid their criticism.

Joe took the criticism like a champ, somehow remaining calm onstage while being berated for over a minute-and-a-half for wearing what millions of men wear on a daily basis. The good news? Lorde sent Joe a box of cupcakes that spelled out "Keep Being Joe" and paired it with a super sweet, hand-written note, encouraging him to be himself.

She wrote:

Hi Joe,

Just wanted to say: your individuality, positive energy & spirit are infectious! I think you’re doing an awesome job on the show so far. I’m a performer too & I wanted to say that no matter how many people make fun of me for how I dress, move & act, I’m being me — and that’s what’s important.

Good luck & lots of love,


Ed Sheeran also came to the rescue, tweeting a supportive message to Joe that you can check out below.

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