We're about to give you the perfect demonstration of the old adage: if you can't think of anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

Boybander Louis Tomlinson, of the immensely successful and beautiful band One Direction, took to Twitter earlier today (Dec. 19) to express his appreciation of another band's music. Sounds pretty simple, right? When you enjoy someone's art it's a nice thing to express it, and pretty natural to want to share it with others. And considering Louis' clout, pull and influence in the music world, we can't see how it would be a bad thing for millions of people to see his tweet and maybe be inclined to take a listen.

So after Louis tweeted about loving a band called Catfish & the Bottlemen, it was a bit of a surprise to see what the band tweeted him in reply. Check out the tweet below:

It looks like Catfish & the Bottlemen are trying to say that while they appreciate the fact that Louis enjoys their album, they're trying very hard to kick bands like One Direction off the charts to make way for, well, themselves. Also, he promised his mother a jacuzzi.

After receiving an enormous amount of backlash from Directioners (because, hello, there some fandoms you just don't mess with), the band tried to backtrack, saying it was all in good fun:

But once Louis signed back onto Twitter and found out what they'd said, he decided to fire back at the band, saying:

Directioners soon had #lidlife trending on Twitter (naturally) which goes to show you that no matter your feelings about another band -- it's probably best to not mess with a guy who has a fan base like One Direction's backing him up. After all, this is the same fandom that had #WeAreAllLiam trending earlier today in an attempt to show some solidarity toward the band members. #WeAreAllHarry is currently trending, in case you were wondering.

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