Oh no! One Direction are currently touring, which is hard on the body and mind. However, 1Der Louis Tomlinson, who recently took a tumble while onstage, revealed that he has lost his voice.

It's not his week! Actually, it's not his month, since he got pummeled when he participated in a charity soccer match and hit the deck, writhing in pain.

Then, the band as a whole generated some negative publicity late last week when they arrived in Australia for their tour dates and were chased by Directioners. Their security detail had to run three red lights because of the mob, an act that grabbed international headlines.

That said, losing one's voice the worst thing a musician and a singer can say and/or experience while on the road and far from home.

We hereby prescribe LT a steady diet of tea, toast and no talking so that he can rest his voicebox and give it time to heal.

His tweet is below.

Get better, Louis! Directioners, send him lots of love. He's had a "meh" month, so why not tweet him well wishes? We bet that would make our darling LT feel a little better. Do it up!