Zayn Malik is off the market, as he is now engaged to Little Mix's Perrie Edwards. Is his One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson in a rush to beat him to the altar and wed girlfriend Eleanor Calder first, becoming the second engaged member of 1D?

There is rumor that LT is planning to ask for Calder's hand in marriage and that he has selected for which he will get down on bended knee and pop the question. Brace for impact, Directioners. It's super, duper romantic. Like "Awww"-inducing!

Tomlinson, who lost his voice last week, supposedly told his friends that he wants to propose to Calder on Nov. 17, which would mark their two-year anniversary of dating. How sweet, right? That LT is something else.

An insider claimed, "He’s told pals he thinks it’d be a perfect time to properly ask her to marry him. He really wants her to know just how important she is to him."

A source said that the LT and Calder, who are both 21, are so close and so in love that they are already pretty much bethrothed.

"Louis and Eleanor are already practically engaged, really," the source said. "They’ve always been very open when it comes to talking about marriage, and often discuss what kind of wedding they’ll have. Now that Zayn and Perrie have got engaged, it’s naturally cropped up even more. So Louis thinks it’s time to make it official."

And millions of Directioner hearts are breaking wide open at the thought.