Madonna isn't exactly known for being a big ol' softie, but that doesn't mean she's heartless (unless you come bearing hydrangeas, of course). So at a concert in Amsterdam recently, she gave an assist to a girl proposing to her boyfriend -- and even offered up a little marital advice to the happy couple.

During some downtime between songs, Madge talked about how money doesn't matter but love does -- which is pretty easy for a woman with eleventybillion dollars to say -- and then she mentioned she'd heard a rumor that someone in the audience wanted to propose. When a woman in the front row raised her hand, the singer played Cupid.

“Don’t slobber all over my microphone, all right?" she said, handing over the mic. "Here you go. And do it with feeling. From your heart, baby!”

The proposal itself wasn't exactly the stuff of Shakespearean romance, but the concertgoer got a "yes" from her beloved regardless. As they kissed, Madge egged them on with, “Tongues! Tongues! Kiss with tongues! Yeah, yeah, yeah!” before adding, “Get a room!”

Afterward, the twice-divorced performer shared a bit of wisdom. “I’ll give you one piece of advice," she said. "Never go to bed angry, OK?” And then, realizing she'd forgotten to mention the most important tip of all, she corrected herself: “Wait. Two pieces of advice ... learn to say the words ‘I f--ked up.’”

We especially agree with that, so maybe the Material Girl's next venture should be an advice column.

Watch Madonna Help a Fan Propose