Madonna is a hands-on mom! Her teenage daughter Lourdes, 15, is creatively involved in Material Girl, the teen-centric fashion and lifestyle line that Madge launched at Macy's, and even pens a blog about the line. Madonna, however, insists on editing her daughter's blog posts and entries for grammar purposes. So Madonna could have been a copy editor if the whole global pop star thing didn’t' work out?

Oh, what could've been. We have this image of Madge with a big red pen in her hand, slashing sentences, rewriting phrases, checking commas, adding semi-colons and more!

Madonna told Harper's Bazaar in her recent cover story that she gives the blogs a once-over before they are published. "I proofread her blogs and edit them and give her a hard time when I think she’s being a lazy writer," Madge said.

She's so Type A. And that's how she got where she is today.

However, with her busy schedule in the studio and trying to plug all the leaks surrounding her forthcoming album due in 2012, couldn't Madge pay an assistant to proofread the copy? Or maybe this is some sort of mother-daughter bonding? Whatever the case, it's sweet.