Madonna's raunchy, super sexed up image from the '90s was the handiwork of French designer Jean Paul Gaultier. Remember when she was sporting cone-shaped bras on her black corsets? It was a signature look and Gaultier was responsible for it. That fruitful partnership will be revisited, not only on Diet Coke bottles, but on her upcoming MDNA world tour!

The designer has confirmed that he will be working with Madge, as Gaultier's wares will be featured on Madonna and her dancers. This certainly ups the "must see" factor of the tour, since his costumes are as much a part of the concert as the music itself.

According to Madonnarama, JPG spilled the fashion beans in a chat with fashion editor Melanie Rickey while promoting his new gig with Diet Coke in Paris. Gaultier reportedly said, "Well, yes. Yes I am," when asked if he will be designing the MDNA costumes. It takes a talented designer to be able to design for Madge's body and that of a Diet Coke bottle.

The designer and the diva previously collaborated on the Blond Ambition Tour, the Drowned World Tour, the Re-Invention Tour and the Confessions Tour. Clearly, the relationship is a successful one, so why not revisit it for another round? We can't wait to see what sexy attire Gaultier dreamed up. Hopefully he listened to 'Gang Bang' and 'Girl Gone Wild' for some inspiration for his sketches.

The tour kicks off in Israel at the end of May.