Considering she's the elder of the pair, Madonna's not acting so mature. The 'Give Me All Your Luvin'' singer reportedly stipulated that if she is to attend anyone's Oscar parties, Lady Gaga can't be on the guest list.

The Material Girl's behavior is out of the ordinary, even for her. "It’s unusual for Madonna to be so petty," a source told Showbiz Spy. "She doesn’t usually act like this, even about bitter enemies such as Sean Penn and J. Lo."

So what's the big deal about Mother Monster? The source claims that "she didn’t want to be forced into a photo-op with Gaga." Ouch!

While Lady Gaga has yet to comment on the feud directly, she has defenders in Elton John and DJ White Shadow, who came out blasting Madge on Twitter and in the media. Gaga's little monsters came out swinging against Madonna as well, even getting into off color commentary completely unrelated to the issue at hand: the beef between the divas.

It started when Madge began her promotional tour for 'W.E.' Journos asked the icon what she thought of Gaga's track 'Born This Way,' which sparked comparisons to Madonna's 'Express Yourself' as soon as it hit airwaves. Madonna called the track "reductive" and "a wonderful way to redo" her song.

Madonna is a legend that no one will top, so it's absurd that she's so insecure next to Lady Gaga, who has expressed nothing but admiration for the Material Girl. Ladies, can we put the claws away already and get along?