The acoustic version of Madonna's 'Love Spent' has landed online. It's an alternate version of the 'MDNA' song. The original is synth-heavy and somewhat disco-esque in nature, but here, it's been completely reimagined and shows off a different and albeit softer side of its overall sonic personality. The result is nothing short of fabulous. Um, did you expect anything less from the Material Girl?

Here, it's a string-driven ode to romance, with Madge's breathy voice asking the object of her affection to "spend your love on me." It'll have you whipping out that emotional wallet in no time flat.

This acoustic version has an almost New Age vibe, but it's not cheesy at all. There is some guitar and percussion, which elevate it above the dance floor to something a bit more intimate and romantic. Madge has never been one to shy away from ballads or slower moments and she certainly continues that trend here.

There are layered harmonies and chanting, as well, so for a stripped down song, it certainly swells with lots of extras. The verdict? We like.