To us, Madonna's new album title 'MDNA,' which is due out March 12, looks like a stylized, reduced vowel and consonant version of her name. To anti-drug pundits and crusaders, it was a glaring mistake on Madge's part, since it's also a (likely unintentional) reference to a 'MDMA,' which is a Class A drug known commonly on the street as 'ecstasy.'

Lucy Dawe, who reps a campaign group known as Cannabis Skunk Sense, said that the title is "an ill advised decision," according to the NME. Ill advised? That assumes that Madge is aware that ecstasy, or 'X',' is officially referred to as MDMA and was purposefully playing on that pun. That doesn't seem feasible.

Despite all the headaches and press generated by the anti-druggists, we doubt Madonna can or will swap out the title or change it at this point. And can we interject for a second here? Madonna doesn't seem like the type to use her album title to promote drugs. She's the type to promote herself, so the MDMA hoopla feels a wee bit far-fetched, don't ya think?