Mariah Carey might hate American Idol, but at least she still loves former American Idol judge Mariah Carey.

The "Infinity" singer opened up about the best things about the "Infinity" singer in an interview with BuzzFeed published this afternoon (June 3), and pointed out that performer Mariah Carey is the only person she, Mariah Carey, should bother to share a stage with anymore.

"I want to collaborate with me ‘cause I’ve done so many collaborations that after a certain point unless you’re really working with a certain caliber of an artist, there’s no point [to collaborate]," Mimi said. "It just becomes, ‘Oh, let’s throw these two people together,’ and that’s what I feel is wrong with some of the collaborations that happen today and, dare I say, I helped paved the way for some of these little collaborations that happened today."

Little collaboration road-paver Mariah Carey also pointed out known beverage-drinker Mariah Carey likes Starbucks tea — unless it requires her to actually go to Starbucks, in which case she'll just take "tea."

"I’m not a subscriber to walking into large corporate entities that I have to walk into and be waiting in line, because then I have to stand there and be like, 'Hi'” and people look at me and what I’m going to buy," Mariah Carey clarified. "If I do get something, I usually have someone deliver it to me and it’s usually tea."

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