Mariah Carey and John Legend share the spotlight with Charlie Brown in their new video for 'When Christmas Comes,' an updated version of a song from Carey's 2010 album 'Merry Christmas II You.'

'When Christmas Comes' is a sultry love song, but given that Mariah is happily married and a new mom of twins, it would be incredibly awkward if she and Legend were to croon the romantic song directly to each other. Instead, they sit together at the piano and sing their hearts out to the world, with home video-style clips of Mariah's kids and hubby Nick Cannon edited in.

Mariah looks glamorous as she lies down in a red dress for a series of sexy close-up shots that are sprinkled throughout. In other scenes, she's outside, playing in the snow with and bunch of kids and someone in a giant Snoopy costume. The video includes several clips from the classic animated special 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' which complement the lyrics, "We gon' reminisce about the good old days."

By the end, Mariah and John are surrounded by dozens of family members and friends, drinking wine and socializing. If only every holiday celebration was this much fun!

In addition to this brand-new music video, there's more good news for Mariah Carey fans! According to Hollywood Life, Carey is planning on performing a new song on the finale of 'X Factor' on Dec. 22.

Watch the Mariah Carey + John Legend 'When Christmas Comes' Video