If bell-bottoms, tunics and the mention of Moonraker are up your alley, you're in luck: Marina and the Diamonds has offered a behind-the-scenes look at her video for "Forget," and it's got more '70s style than a brand-new Instamatic flash camera.

The deliciously quirky crooner, who offered one of our favorite albums so far in 2015, welcomes fans into the video-producing process from a seat in the shoot's makeup room, and she knows she's in for a long day. Thankfully, she's got director Markus Lundqvist—a man she sees as as visionary—on her side.

"He is incredibly specific with what he wants, which is very helpful for an artist," Marina says beneath a freshly pressed, triangular side-part and eyeliner that's as geometric as Cleopatra's. And as far as Lundqvist is concerned, the looks the team lands on complement the creative idea picture-perfectly.

"The concept is Marina is residing in a 1970s world of still photography, and she's coming on set to perform," Lundqvist says amid shots of Marina belting into a microphone and blowing a kiss to the camera. In one frame, she sports a don't-mess-with-me black number, and in another, she dons a ponytail and angelic jumpsuit.

A rotating camera is meant to seamlessly tie the moods together, Lundqvist adds, and from where we're sitting, the mission is most definitely accomplished.

Want to see their take on 1970s nostalgia? Check out the clip for more BTS action, and watch Marina's finished product for "Forget," which was released in March, below!