Marina Diamandis, flawless frontwoman of Marina and the Diamonds, appeared on Good Morning America Wednesday (March 25) to talk about her new album, Froot, and perform her latest single "Forget."

"I devised this structure called 'froot of the month,' which means that fans receive a new track every month," Marina explained. She added that this method of rolling out songs started before the album released.

"I've written everything on the album alone," Marina said. "I co-produced with one guy."

She went on to explain that the term "diamonds" in her stage name refers to her fans — not band members as some might guess. "I thought it was nice to create fans before they existed so it's wishful thinking, you know? And it happened," Marina said.

Froot is the third studio album from the talented Welsh singer/songwriter, who recently released the songs "Blue" and "Gold" — no, those aren't references to the infamous  "dress." Her first album, The Family Jewels, released in 2010 and her second, Electra Heart, came out in 2012.

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