Happy Tuesday, PopCrushers! Marina and the Diamonds' new album, Froot, doesn't drop until March 16, but you can pass the time by listening to two new tracks, "Gold" and "Blue."

You can't put a price on love, but that doesn't stop Marina from crooning about wanting a little "gold." In her track of the same name, she sings "I’ve been waiting, waiting for the penny to drop / I’ve been working, working to get back what I lost / But whatever happens I’ll be okay / Cause fortune’s running out of my veins."

The soothing track features a steady beat and Marina's dreamy vocals. While it's not as anthemic as some of her previous tracks, such as "How to Be a Heartbreaker" and "I Am Not a Robot," there's something entrancing about "Gold" that we credit to her innate magnetism.

Marina takes a decidedly more retro turn with "Blue." Keyboard melodies and layered vocals give the track a signature Marina feel. As the chorus picks up, it's clear to see how "Blue" fits in with the rest of the singer's catalog. It's the type of song you can easily picture Marina belting live (and sounding flawless while doing so).

In a recent interview with Line of Best Fit, Mariana spoke about the changing direction of her music, saying, "Maybe I was ready to change. Maybe I was ready to leave a lot of things I'd held onto in the past behind. I don't know if that happens to other people when they hit a certain age, or maybe some people don't even have those issues to begin with. Perhaps it's not very common, but I know that it was important for my future."

See how these songs fit into the context by listening to "Gold" in the video above and "Blue" in the video below!

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