Marina and the Diamonds released her latest video for the song 'Immortal' on Dec. 31, and, in typical Marina fashion, it ushered in the new year with a look on the cyclical nature of life, death and everything in between.

The video shows Marina performing the song onstage, while videos play in the background. There's something about hearing the lyrics "Everybody dies, dies" layered over home movie footage of two children playing together that really demonstrates the morbidity of 'Immortal' pretty succinctly. Marina has never been one to sugarcoat things, instead maintaining a darker, more introspective feel throughout her material. Her latest video is no exception.

It's an interesting choice to follow-up her last release, the deceptively titled, 'Happy.' While the lyrics on that one certainly demonstrated Marina's newfound contentedness in life, it was a slow-paced ballad, maintaining an interesting duality between the meaning of the song and the delivery of its message. 'Immortal,' on the other hand, deals with the more sobering subject of death and the fear that comes with knowledge of its inevitability: "I'm forever chasing after time / But everybody dies, dies. / If I could buy forever at a price / I would buy it twice, twice."

Marina's third full-length album, 'Froot,' is slated for an April 3 release, and we could not be more excited. Check out the video above and let us know what you think!