For Marina and the Diamonds' thoroughly wet new video for 'How to Be a Heartbreaker,' the raven-haired beauty gets in the shower with several black speedo-clad men. It doesn't go "there," so get your minds out of the gutter. Don't cover your eyes or your screen, as it's not really one of those NSFW videos. It's just a pop diva behaving in her sexy, sultry way. But it's certainly suggestive in many parts of the clip.

The singer is wearing a black tank and leather skirt while a cast of shirtless, tattooed, edgy hard bodies dances behind her. Any video that pairs a hot girl in a shower with half-naked guys is going to raise eyebrows or the mercury level. But something is going to give.

But Marina never lets things devolve into softcore, since  she stays dry til the end and offers plenty of devilish stares at the camera.

She's quite the heartbreaker in the clip, flirting with any boy -- yes, there are more dudes that exist outside of the shower -- who pops on the screen. She's seen rubbing up on 'em, canoodling, snuggling, touching their faces and singing seductively while making eye contact with the camera.

It's certainly not your little sister's pop video. And thanks to Marina's playful demeanor, the video is never vulgar, when it definitely could have been.