'The Glee Project' hopeful McKynleigh Abraham hails from Paducah, Kentucky, and when she heads to the Oxygen stage this June, she's bringing her country music flavor with her.

At first glance, you may not guess that country music is McKynleigh's calling, but that first impression is something she's hoping to squash in this competition. "I sing country, and that comes as a shock to a lot of people," she says in her contender spot. "You know, a lot of times people have a stereotypical look of what country singers should be. Hopefully I can kind of step out of that stereotype and show everyone that I can be a country girl and go muddin' and not look stereotypical."

The small town country gal didn't have a typical high school experience, as she was home-schooled, but she's eager to step out of her shell in the fight for the seven-episode role on 'Glee' that she's shooting for. "When I was in high school I was home-schooled, and I was around a lot of adults because I was home-schooled, not around as many high school kids," McKynleigh admits. "So, I was kinda quiet and kept to myself a little bit. Then I decided to just let go and be myself and not care what anybody thought. Now I'm me!"

McKynleigh will get her chance to meet kids her age and rock her signature style when she battles them for a spot in Season 3 of the hit FOX show. Not to mention, with a name like McKyleigh, how could she not end up at McKinley High? 'The Glee Project' kicks off June 12 on Oxygen.

Watch McKynleigh Abraham Perform 'Don't Rain on My Parade'