Justin Bieber turned 18 on March 1 and he celebrated it in style, receiving an electric car and a super fan, courtesy of 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show.' Another b-day present came in the form of song, with 'Will and Grace' actress Megan Mullally gifting the Biebs with her version of 'Fever' on Ellen's namesake show. That's right. Mullally was burning up with Bieber Fever and she had to serenade the teen.

The funny lady altered the lyrics to reflect her affliction and condition, singing 'You give me Bieber fever.' When she sang the lyric about kissing her cheek or holding her tight, the blushing birthday boy obliged, and responded by giving her a kiss and putting his arm around her. It was oh so awkward and oh so adorable. You're never too old to come down with a case of Bieber Fever, as the Mullally deftly demonstrated on national TV.

Mullally, who looks a bit like fellow funny gal Tina Fey, certainly had the Biebs looking all sheepish. It was more creative than plain old boring 'Happy Birthday.'


Watch Megan Mullally Serenade Justin Bieber