Last year, we ran a super-sized competition to determine the greatest pop song in modern history, from the ’80s to today. And now, we’re back — and this time, it’s all about honoring the best and boldest in music videos.

Michael Jackson is, undoubtedly, the King of Pop. He reinvented the genre and earned the moniker through his consistently impressive catalog of music, live performances and music videos. So when he teamed up with sister Janet Jackson to create the music video for their collaboration “Scream,” the expectations were set high.

No matter, though — they were well exceeded. With its black-and-white color scheme and futuristic theme, “Scream" -- released in 1995 -- is often cited as the most expensive music video ever created. The video’s director has since refuted that claim, but even barring its price tag the video boasts a now-iconic dance sequence and two fantastic performances -- perfectly demonstrating why Michael and Janet will always be two of the most important figures in pop music.

Missy Elliott's 1997 video for "The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)" was the first in a series of videos directed by Hype Williams. The entire clip is a burst of color, and it produced one of the most iconic visuals in music video history — Missy in that enormous inflated trash bag paired with the fish-eye lens makes for an unforgettable visual. And while she was already an immensely successful producer before, “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)” catapulted her into straight-up star status.

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