Miley Cyrus has been markedly absent from the music charts as of late, and we're really missing that crazy girl's plethora of facial expressions. She's never been one to completely shut herself out of the public eye, but we've had no new music from Cyrus since 2010. That's a long time! In anticipation of her next album, we'd like to celebrate Miley y'all ... with GIFs!

When Miley Cyrus found out Lindsay Lohan might be a paid "escort."

When Miley Cyrus got engaged to Liam Hemsworth.

Whenever Miley moves her hips ... like yeah.

When Miley is out and about and sees the paparazzi.

What does Miley think of her new music with Pharrell Williams?

Miley's mantra to combat being a bridezilla.

How Miley celebrates Movember.

When asked if she'll ever stop adopting animals.

When you tell Miley she can't have strippers over.