While everyone is wondering when Miley Cyrus will become Mrs. Liam Hemsworth, there is one thing that's a given: The Hemsworth family, namely the wives of Liam's brothers, already considers her a part of their family. Even their kids love the former 'Hannah Montana' actress.

"She plays with our kids. She loves our kids," Samantha Hemsworth, wife of actor Luke Hemsworth, told PEOPLE. Luke was asked if the kids are looking forward to welcoming Cyrus and to calling her "Aunt Miley." His reply? "She is ['Aunt Miley'] already." We bet that she is a super fun aunt.

Strangely, when asked, Luke said he won't be planning his brother's bachelor party, saying, "I'm sure he'll ask someone who knows him better." Guess those two aren't close.

Elsa Pataky, who is married to actor Chris Hemsworth, commented last week about the nuptials, as well. She said she didn't know when the wedding would be but that she hoped to be invited, which was also strange.

She shared that she and her future sister-in-law bonded over their short hairstyles.

"Hers is really short," Pataky said. "It's funny, we talked about it doing it some time ago, and [we were] like, 'Who's gonna do it first?' And she cut it off and I was like, 'I'm not doing it.' [Then] I was like, 'Just do it!' Now, of course, they compare us. But she's going shorter and shorter and shorter – which I love."

Either the wives of the Hemsworth bros have been told not to share any details or to throw the media off the scent or maybe they're all just not close. Who knows at this point! It's all very curious, though.

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