OMG! Miley Cyrus is in bed with Harry Styles of One Direction. We can just picture Taylor Swift preparing to hurl herself into oncoming traffic. 

Kidding! Cyrus actually tweeted pics of her and her little sister Noah in bed with a Harry Styles cardboard cutout.

We're not going to ask what the Sisters Cyrus were doing with said Hazza avatar or how they came to possess it. We did, however, have a hearty laugh at the images of Cyrus planting a kiss on Harry's cardboard cheek.

The photos are obviously ill-timed, since Haylor just broke up like a few minutes ago. And given the fact that an entertainment writer tried to instigate a little tweet heat between Cyrus and T. Swizzle for how they are portrayed and perceived in the media, this could certainly spark a little angst between the blondes.

Cyrus knew that these photos would spark controversy and chatter, and even added that to the tweet of herself getting busy with a faux Harry. Still, she took him seriously when he sang the lyrics to 'Kiss You.'

Look at how she's looking at him lovingly, and cradling him. Even a cardboard version of H. Styles makes the ladies swoon.

Below is her first tweet, and then the follow up, which was a pre-emptive measure to stop the "OMG Miley is cheating on Liam Hemsworth with Harry Styles" web trash talk. We can also think that a bazillion Directioners would want Hazza even if Cyrus does not.

Watch the One Direction 'Kiss You' Video