Miley Cyrus has not addressed photos of her smoking, a habit that certainly messes with your lung capacity and breathing functions, but the always philanthropic teen queen continues to be a do-gooder. This time, she has teamed up with Kids Kicking Cancer for the charity's Breath Brake initiative. Kids Kicking Cancer helps children who battle cancer manage the stress and pain of the disease through personalized coaching from black belts, who teach them martial arts and other breathing techniques. The afflicted children achieve power, peace and purpose via deep breathing techniques, which are amazingly helpful in handling the stress that cancer often brings.

Perhaps Miley's partnership with this charity will take the focus off something she may or may not engage in regularly in her personal life. Whatever the case, 'The Climb' singer is using her infinite star power for a great cause and we applaud her for it.

In this clip, the signer is seated among six kids in white karate gis. Miley espouses the charity's message in the space of 30 seconds, and then she is out of the shot, while the kids practice their moves.

To learn more about Kids Kick Cancer, visit their website.

Watch Miley Cyrus Kids Kick Cancer Video