Upon arriving in the United States after a sojourn to his native Australia, which sparked breakup rumors, Miley Cyrus' fiance Liam Hemsworth sat down with the singer/actress for a long talk and they were able to hash out their differences. The deal points? Hemsworth, 23, wants Cyrus, 20, to act more grown up and she wants more romance. Those seem like easy deliverables, no?

The wedding is reportedly back on, so says Radar Online, and the relationship was saved during the weekend chat. See, talking really does cure all that ails rocky romances. Well, that, and being in the same country.

The source said, "After a four-week break, Liam went back to Miley to talk about their problems. He had a chance to clear his head in Australia and Manila, realized he couldn’t be without Miley and wanted to make their relationship work. They sat down and talked it all through. Miley told Liam she wants more romance in the relationship, while Liam said he wanted to her be more responsible and act her age."

Um, we guess that means no more twerking in unicorn onesies?

Things might not be that easy, though. Both of the stars have "dominant personalities and can be quite stubborn," said the insider. But they were able to put their hardheadedness aside in favor of listening to each other. Other sources also suggest that the two are happy again.

Things appear to be on the up and up with Miley and Liam. Whew. Disaster and crisis averted.

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