Miley Cyrus has endured her fair share of photo scandals: the suggestive Vanity Fair spread; the smoking salvia shots and video. Now, a year-old, half-naked photo of the singer/actress/teen queen has leaked to the web.

According to LOTRAF, Cyrus was posing for her boyfriend and now fiancé, 'Hunger Games' actor Liam Hemsworth, in this shot. Clearly, Hemsworth is a lucky man, since Miley looks sensuous and sensual, with smoky eyes and bedhead. She's not wearing a top, so her dream catcher tattoo is in full view. There's also a little side boobage peeking out.

Cyrus' is perched in a tub, her wrist wrapped in a black bracelet, with that being the extent of what she's wearing. She was snapped by Vijat, a close friend and photographer. Cyrus was 18 at the time, so no need to get all in an uproar over it! It's not like these are jailbait shots, people.

The photos were intended to be private and for Hemsworth only but as is often the case in this digital day and age, it found its way online, for all the world to see.

For what it's worth, Cyrus looks sexy without being trashy in this revealing shot.

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