Miley Cyrus hinted via Twitter that she is dropping new music soon, something we kinda already knew. But the singer/actress is now suggesting that the new tunes are likely on the way sooner than later when she expressed gratitude that she had tons of fans outside of her NYC hotel. Clearly, the Miley contingent is dedicated and follows her even when she doesn't have much going on.

While on the surface, it seems that one doesn't really seem to have anything to do with the other, Cyrus' tweet read as follows:

Bring, it Miley! While we're excited about your upcoming wedding to Liam Hemsworth, we really want to hear some new tuneage, especially those tracks you and Pharrell have been working on together! We were interested in your work with Borgore, but now we need a full set of solo songs featuring you and your lovely voice.

If your fans are hanging at your hotel when just 'cuz, then it's clear when you have an album to promote, the support will indeed be there. The fact that Cyrus has such rapid, rampant fans should give her reason enough to put the pedal to the metal and get the album done.

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