The exhumed 'Candid Camera'-style series 'Punk'd' debuts on March 29 and already, teasers and previews from episodes are circulating, such as an audio clip of Miley Cyrus punking her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. The audio is accompanied by an animated visual that's just as funny as what you are hearing. It's only 16 seconds long, but it gets the point across.

All we hear is Miley proclaim, in a believably concerned voice is this: "Babe's there's two f---ing naked people getting in my car." WTF? While the Miley hating contingent that considers her a poor role model for teens will hop all over her choice of words in this clip, it does sound funny.

Two naked people getting in Miley's Mercedes? We're dying for a visual and no, not a censored one of the birthday suited ones. We prefer a visual of Miley's face, since she's acting in order to convince her BF that there are naked folks in their ride. Speaking of Hemsworth, the look on his face has gotta be priceless. We bet his jaw hits the floor.

We also hear sirens and the voice of a cop, presumably, saying that that Cyrus and Hemsworth are not psyched about naked people in their Mercedes. We figured Miley had a fancy ride.

Watch the Preview of Miley Cyrus Punking Liam Hemsworth