A picture is worth a thousand words and this particular one of Miley Cyrus is speaking volumes. A photo leaked of what appears to be Cyrus puffin' on some wacky tobacky in a cloud of smoke.

Instagram'med. Oh, also, as our friends
StarCrush pointed out, this "mystery lady" in the photo looks an awful lot like Miley. And we're not just talking about her super short bleach blond haircut either. The "Cyrus Imposter" even has a very similar engagement ring and equality ink on her finger as Miley. If it quacks like a duck...

Hollywood Life posted a more damning picture of Cyrus holding her dog Bean over what resembles some broken up pot and marijuana grinder. The pop star is really living up to the rebellious vibe she's been trying to give off for months now...

Miley doesn't have to uphold her Disney persona anymore, plus her younger fans are growing up. We think with every nip slip, stripper butt-grab and penis cake, Cyrus has done a fine job leaving her wholesome image far behind on her own. Oh, and there was that whole Salvia Incident of 2010.

Next time this happens, Miley (and there will be a next time), just admit to it and say you have glaucoma, you might avoid a whole world of controversy.

 Watch the Video of Miley Cyrus Smoking Salvia