Miley Cyrus isn't having the best time in her movie career lately. Her latest release, 'So Undercover,' won't hit a silver screen anytime soon. The flick, which co-stars Cyrus BFF Kelly Osbourne, is going straight to DVD.

The movie producers broke the news on Facebook. 'So Undercover' will hit shelves (or a bin) on Feb. 5, 2013 in DVD and Blu-Ray formats and will also be available to stream on demand. In the movie, Cyrus plays a private investigator hired to go, well, so undercover in a sorority.

It's the second Cyrus movie in a row that didn't reach mass theater markets. Her last flick that flopped, 'LOL,' received an extremely limited theatrical release -- the same weekend as juggernaut 'The Avengers' -- and subsequently bombed. Cyrus has yet to comment on the fate of her film.

On the bright side, the 'Can't Be Tamed' singer has been doing fabulously on the small screen. Cyrus raised the ratings for 'Two And a Half Men' tremendously with her hilarious performance as Missi. She's been in two episodes so far and has said she'd love to do more. With the numbers she pulled for the CBS sitcom, we're sure Ashton and Co. would love to have her back!

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