Miley Cyrus is working overtime to shed her former teen image, but will she go as far as getting down and dirty with another woman on camera?

Apparently, Cyrus has been offered major dough to get naked, make out with and possibly have sex with another woman. Will she take that leap? Something tells us that Cyrus, who is engaged and in a committed relationship, will be saying, "Thanks, but no thanks."

According to TMZ, Martin Ellison, the media director for, has made an official offer to Miley, sending a letter to the singer's reps. He is offering her a nice (but undisclosed) chunk of change to engage in a little softcore, girl-on-girl, spit swapping with porn star Jessie Andrews. As you may recall, Andrews appeared in the video for Borgore's 'Decisions,' which also features Cyrus singing backup vocals and showing off her tongue, among other things, in the cake-slathered clip.

Ellison revealed that the company decided to extend an offer to Cyrus after checking out a preview of 'Decisions.' "We were floored at how sexy both her, and porn star Jessie Andrews look together!," he stated.

While Cyrus makes out with her fiancé Liam Hemsworth, who is dressed in a unicorn uniform, in the 'Decisions' vid, Ellison doesn't care about any of that. He wants her to make out with Jessie and would like to do a full remake of the 'Decisions' vid.

Cyrus is hot -- we know this. She has also made some questionable decisions, which tarnished her formerly squeaky clean rep, such as the salvia smoking incident. She once referred to herself as a "stoner." Despite all those incidences, we don't think Miley has it in her to go lesbo, even for fun.

"How far Miley chooses she wants to go is entirely up to her," wrote Ellison. Apparently, Andrews is all in and willing to hook up with Cyrus on film.

Somehow we doubt Cyrus will agree to be a part of this, no matter how many loot cakes are offered. She certainly doesn't need the money, nor does she need the negative press. Plus, she's engaged. Why would she "cheat" on her man?

We don't think there is much of a "decision" to make about a softcore rendition of 'Decisions.'

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