Ready for some new Miley Cyrus music? To tide over fans until her album release, the singer has released a countrified video where she is covering Melanie Safka's 'Look What They've Done to My Song.'

The vid was filmed before the ex-'Hannah Montana' star lobbed off her hair, in what has been viewed as a controversial move, since it's so jarring and a markedly different look for her. This video brings the focus back to what's important and that's her talent.

Seated among guitar players in the backyard on a summery day, Cyrus looks cute and innocent, wearing a stylish lacy tank, maxi skirt and her formerly long hair gathered in a top knot on her head.

The starlet cradles her old-fashioned vector mic and smiles when she sings, reminding us that her voice is the reason we fell in love with in the first place. She has her eyes closed for much of her performance, which indicates that she is connecting with the song on a deeper level.

While this likely is not the direction 'The Climb' singer will go in on her next album, it's a nice reminder of Miley's husky, emotion-packed voice. She garners a lot of press for her outfits, her engagement and stuff she smokes, but here, we are enraptured by Miley Cyrus the singer.