Mindy Kaling's 'The Mindy Project' character may have a lot of sex, but Kaling herself sure isn't -- and she is perfectly okay with that.

"I have that personality where I was such a nerd -- I am such a nerd -- that I can only enjoy those situations looking out inside," she told Chelsea Handler in a recent appearance on 'Chelsea Lately.' "I'd be dead if I lived the life of my character. She drinks and dates like a party animal. She's like Lindsay Lohan's sex life, but she's a doctor."

"It's a TV show, that's why it works like that," she admitted. "But it's kind of fun because I don't live that life."

"My wild night is I drink that much of whiskey and watch 15 minutes of 'The Walking Dead,' and then I'm like, 'This is too much for me, I'm too stimulated,'" Kaling joked. "And then I go to sleep."

While the comedienne's life may not be as raucous as her onscreen counterpart's, Kaling still enjoys some of the aspects of dating. Particularly kissing -- and, in fact, mostly kissing.

"The problem with kissing, when you're older than 16, you can't kiss a guy for like two hours, which is what I would want to do, because at a certain point they're like, 'What is this leading to?'" she said, tapping her watch. "And I'm like that's it! I could kiss a guy for 90 minutes and be like, 'That was great!'"